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ake your Krav Maga training to the next level, 100's of Krav Maga - Self-Defence techniques available by way of video tutorials and Vlogs from Practitioner Level to Expert Level.

The videos are all delivered by an internationally recognised Black belt, our Head Coach and Founder of 7 Primal Krav Maga Dan Evans. These videos are great for current members who want to supplement their training with a further technical break down as a point of reference, and also great for total BEGINNERS to learn how to defend themselves in the face of danger and give themselves a great understanding and foundation in the Martial Arts.

Dan has trained under a number of different Krav Maga organisations round the globe for the last 10 years. Achieving instructor diplomas in the UK and Israel as well as a great depth of knowledge across multiple disciplines in Martial-Arts over many years.

Start your Krav Maga journey here, fall in love with Krav Maga like we have, hopefully we will see you on our mats one day where we can meet you in person and welcome you to the Krav family.

The online training packages are available for :

Practitioner Level 1 - purchase price £30

Practitioner Level 2 - purchase price £30

Practitioner Level 3 - purchase price £30

Practitioner Level 4 - purchase price £30

Practitioner Level 5 - purchase price £30

Practitioner level as a complete set £130 

Graduate Level 1 - purchase price £35

Graduate Level 2 - purchase price £35 COMING SOON

Graduate Level 3 - purchase price £35 COMING SOON

Graduate Level 4 - purchase price £35 COMING SOON

Graduate Level 5  - purchase price £35 COMING SOON

Graduate  level as a complete set £160 COMING SOON

Complete Krav Maga set £250 - COMING SOON