Here is all members chance to continue to showcase their Krav Maga skills. Taking the positive from Lockdown and having a goal to focus your minds on and achieve before the end of the 4weeks! Once you have ordered your grading you will be sent a selection of Training Videos specific for your grade, you will have 4weeks to practise using the videos plus the Vlogs and Lives on the FB Members Zone. You will then need to present these to our instructor team via a video recording for examining. 

This is a great opportunity for members already on the grading system to level up but also for new members to earn that first all important yellow belt. 

Please note you HAVE to grade for the next available belt. So, if you have never graded with 7PKM you will be going for Yellow belt. 

Belt Order

Yellow (P1)

Orange (P2)

Green (P3)

Purple (P4)

Blue (P5)

Brown (G1)

Brown (G) 2

Brown (G) 3


If your child is currently a level with a black stripe - please when booking the grading email confirming what level your child is.